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Welcome to car update, the blog to keep you updated with the latest models and technology of the automotive world. The one stop destination for the car lovers and experts, to read, review and find everything about their favourite cars.

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All about Cars

This blog gives you the detailed update about features, specs, ratings and reviews of the cars. From engine, suspension, aerodynamic design to the interior you’ll find everything here. Read articles on upcoming cars, performance and expert reviews of the market toppers.

Latest Launches

Checkout the most latest launched vehicles of the 2015. Tune in to know the release date, specifications designs and features of the latest beasts. Stay updated with the auto world.


Sport Kings


This blog brings you the update of kings of tier 1 cars, let it be a Hurracan, a Maserati, an koenigsegg or a Veyron, you’ll find all here. Check out the most anticipating and fastest cars of the world.


The Hottest SUV’s


Check out the wide range of SUV’s from every big car brand. This one is for the big beasts lovers. Get to know the power of GMC’s, land rovers, Range Rovers and Benz GL-class.

Luxurious Sedans


Get to know the most luxurious and elite class sedans of 2015. Read expert comments on the performance and get price and technical specifications of the cars. Check out the latest of Roll Royce, Merc, BMW, Aston martin, and Audis.

The Engine Theory


Check the latest engine technology, get insights of the V8 and V6 engine. Learn more about the hybrid engines, latest Fuel injection systems and engine supercharging.
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