Fixing Cars All By Yourself

Driving a car is easy, however if it breaks down it can cause a lot of difficulty. Most of us may have encountered situations where the vehicle you may be breaks down without any notice. In such situations, the most obvious choice is to hire the services of a car mechanic. Finding a mechanic can be difficult and expensive for minor repair jobs. Car Update is a blog which has numerous articles and video posts which can teach the basic skills required for a car repair job. Watch the video to learn some basic skills for repairing cars. Using the tips given in the video, you can repair your car all by yourself without shelling out too much money. This informative post has been shared by the leader in the cash for cars industry in Melbourne – All Cars for Cash Melbourne, Victoria. 

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Auto Mechanic’s Top 10 Favorite Tools

For many of us, automotive and happiness are kinda the same thing. Straight roads and high speeds turn us high, tricky turns and wacky drives leave us crazy for more. We love looking at our cars, driving them, cleaning and washing them to a shine. And along with all of these, we also love to read and know more about them, and at this blog one can do exactly the same! Find informative write-ups and video tutorials for the latest industry updates, the newest launches and the old hacks for your old love of a car. Car Updates also brings you tips on how to dispose it off when time comes and then buy a new one. Watch the video given alongside to learn more.

2016 Ford Everest

The automotive industry is constantly evolving with new innovations and technology updates almost every day. If you are a car lover and wish to keep yourself abreast with the latest developments in the industry, Australian Automotive Car Update blog is the perfect stop for you. You can browse through various posts and videos regarding car features and the latest launches. The blog also gives you an insight into the core aspects of cars in various segments like sports, SUV’s and luxury sedans.Watch the video to know about Ford’s latest offering – The Ford Everest which is scheduled to go on sale in October 2016. It is one of the most anticipated cars, which makes the video definitely worth a watch.

2016 Ford Everest

Every year there are several new vehicles which are brought on to the roads. While some of these are completely new vehicles, there are others which are updates on existing ones. Speaking of updates, some are minor cosmetic tweaks, while there are complete transformations at times. One of the new vehicles for Australia is the 7-seater SUV Ford Everest. True to its name, the vehicle is huge in size. In this video, the Ford Everest has been taken to the jungles of Thailand. Its competition includes the Isuzu MU-X and the Toyota Prado. The Everest will go on sale in Australia during October, and will be available in three specification levels. Its top model will make it Ford Australia’s most expensive offering.

Learn to Fix the Cars By Yourself

Many people just love cars. With them, you can get the latest updates in technology, or learn to fix a problem in your car, or simply lend ears while they elaborate on driving tips and rules. These people are just like us. At, our writers tell you about the launched, upcoming and trending in the industry. It, of course is, essential for buyers to get acquainted with trends and technology before they drive home from the showroom. But even if your buy-a-car plans are farther down the road, and you’re interested in reading reviews, interacting with experts, and knowing facts and figures about your dream car, this blog is again your place! Watch this video to learn some car-fixing hacks.

Global Automotive Opportunities

There is scope for growth of the Australian automotive industry in different parts of the world. It has the expertise and experience to utilise the resources from some of world’s quickest growing automotive regions. These regions include Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Process improvement is now a major part of auto production in India, and this is where Australian efficiency comes into play. Similarly, SUVs and off road vehicles are in great demand across Indonesia, which can utilise Australian expertise in building the same. This video shows how Australian auto industry is looking to expand in this growing region with its strengths.

AutoExpo 2014 round up: PowerDrift

Automobile enthusiasts are generally on a perennial lookout for information portals where they can get to know about latest technologies, models and launches. But no one generally goes for indulging with their time into hobbies of the sort, though, in today’s fast and busy lives. So here’s a blog, where passionate writers come together and bring to you on a single platform the entire range of new developments in the automobile market, including detailed news of launches and reviews. Attached along, is a video introducing one of the most awaited events that is found in every automotive lovers’ itineraries.

Australian Auto Industry

The Australian auto industry is going through a rough period at the moment. Manufacturing has been steadily going down over the years. If the same trend persists, then it may lose its capacity to produce cars by 2016. This video gives you the numbers on how the Australian Government is spending money per person. Spending in the automobile industry is also less than others such as the mining industry in Australia. It is explained how an informed purchase decision for cars can help in auto industry growth. Even the number of jobs created in the industry are lesser than other industries.

Upcoming Car Launches In 2015 | Latest Cars News

Carupdate brings you latest update of all cars that has been launched till date. This blog keeps everyone updated about the latest models and technology of the automotive world that you desire to buy. You can even say that this blog is one stop destination for all those car lovers and experts who can read about the cars, reviews and can find everything about their favourite cars. If you are confused which car would suit you for your need our experts come together to guide you better and answer you queries.  You can find every update on cars from engine, suspension, aerodynamic design to the interior.


Upcoming Car Launches in 2015

In all of us, there is a car enthusiast. We are simply crazy about cars, be it any model and any brand. Its true that not all of us can afford it, but trust me when I say this – there is not a single person in this world who doesn’t want to stay updated about cars and the recent models that have been launched or are soon to be launched. There are various blogs all over the internet that