Learn to Fix the Cars By Yourself

Many people just love cars. With them, you can get the latest updates in technology, or learn to fix a problem in your car, or simply lend ears while they elaborate on driving tips and rules. These people are just like us. At www.carupdate.com.au, our writers tell you about the launched, upcoming and trending in the industry. It, of course is, essential for buyers to get acquainted with trends and technology before they drive home from the showroom. But even if your buy-a-car plans are farther down the road, and you’re interested in reading reviews, interacting with experts, and knowing facts and figures about your dream car, this blog is again your place! Watch this video to learn some car-fixing hacks.

Global Automotive Opportunities

There is scope for growth of the Australian automotive industry in different parts of the world. It has the expertise and experience to utilise the resources from some of world’s quickest growing automotive regions. These regions include Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Process improvement is now a major part of auto production in India, and this is where Australian efficiency comes into play. Similarly, SUVs and off road vehicles are in great demand across Indonesia, which can utilise Australian expertise in building the same. This video shows how Australian auto industry is looking to expand in this growing region with its strengths.

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